Recessed Wall Wash Luminaire


  • Specification grade recessed wall washer luminaire for indoor applications where wall mounted displays or information boards require illumination
  • This luminaire eliminates cave effect and scalloping
  • Curved reflector delivers smooth uniform illumination along entire wall
  • Designed for lay-in grid ceiling systems
  • Minimum 80 CRI; color range 3000K - 5000K available
  • Tunable White option available
  • Multiple dimming protocols available
  • Variety of lenses available for smooth and uniform illumination
  • Efficacies up to 134 lm/W
  • 100% made in Canada


  • Classrooms
  • Retail Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Displays
  • Commercial Applications

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High performance wall wash luminaire that delivers a smooth uniform illumination along the entire wall. Energy efficient led technology is enhanced by an internal aluminum specular reflector. Ideal for commercial and retail lighting applications. Cold rolled steel housing with welded ends. Designed for lay-in grid ceiling systems. 12″ x 24″ model uses one lamp, 12″ x 48″ model uses two lamps. Curved low iridescent specular aluminum reflector distributes light evenly along the wall.

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