Recessed Static / Air Handling Luminaire


  • Premium grade troffer for applications with five foot modular or 1.5 meter T-Bar ceilings
  • Available as a static or air handling luminaire
  • Minimum 80 CRI; color range 3000K - 5000K available
  • Tunable White option available
  • Multiple dimming protocols available
  • Variety of lenses available for smooth and uniform illumination
  • Reinforcement ribs and rolled edge channel provide superior strength
  • Efficacies up to 156 lm/W
  • 100% made in Canada


  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Retail stores
  • Commercial
  • Healthcare applications

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Recessed static or air-handling lensed troffer for use in five foot modular or metric ceiling systems. Popular in many schools, offices and governmental institutions. One-piece faceplate without any welds or joints. White powder coat finish applied post production to ensure smooth edges. Slots for air supply or return


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