High Security Wallmount Luminaire

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Specification grade wall mount luminaire intended for security applications. Ideal for prisons, locker rooms and rehabilitation centers. Designed to prevent contraband concealment and forbidden luminaire access. 14, 16 or 18 gauge CRS doorless housing in clamshell design with continuous welded and ground seams for optimal structural strength BACKPLATE One-piece CRS back plate (with gauge to match housing) is attached to backplate with tamper proof screws. Continuous concealed, staked-on piano hinge (0.050” thick, 1/8” diameter knuckle) with welded pin end to prevent removal. Lens secured by one-piece internal frame which is fastened to external frame with 12 screws, providing optimal sturdiness for maximum security applications. Polycarbonate for security purposes with acrylic lens overlay for continuous light distribution (see Diffuser and Protective Lens options). Powder coated white enamel paint finish applied post-production, ensuring smooth edges for safe handling

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